Why Legal Aid is a Human Right

In Metro Legal Support, we consider that legal aid is one of the most essential parts of justice. Some of the most developed nations in the world provide limited funding for legal representation to people with low or no income who cannot afford it by any other means. The problem with this representation is that is drastically underfunded, and the pool of talent found there is not exactly something the best-prepared lawyers in the market. The ongoing conflicts in the political arena don’t spell an immediate solution to these problems and that only affects negatively to the people who are less capable of defending themselves.

The Tangled Web of the Legal System in the USA

The constitution of our country offers the right to legal representation before a court of law. Legal aid is one of the many financial alternatives provided by the government to people receiving low income who need legal representation as well as the procedures of a court system. The most traditional cases handled by these professionals mostly have to do with minor criminal charges as well as matters related to eviction that cannot be fought against local authorities without legal assistance. More aggravated cases are also attended such as issues related to domestic violence or abuse cases.

The Access of Justice Seems to be provided by Money

The team working at Metro Legal Support has come to this realization, and it doesn’t bode well with any of our lawyers. Some of the most talented legal professionals in the business won’t touch a case out commercial laws, and that’s why the systems keep packing jails with people who can’t or won’t receive proper legal representation. Our firms aim to change that by providing full-fledged defense vulnerable groups such as women, children, the elderly, and people with mental issues for a small payment. Since our lawyers are willing to touch the cases that no one will they are ready to take a generous pay cut to make sure justice is served at the same level as a commercial client.

A Solution to Long-Gestating Problem

The lawyers at Metro Legal Support consider that an adequately funded legal aid system would be a much better option to offer poor people the chance to have proper legal representation despite their social status. Our own constitution states that we are all equal before the law and all of us have the right to a fair trial. Facts and evidence on a case are the ones that determine the outcome. Unfortunately, it seems that the ability to defend ourselves, assert our rights or even the chance to get a fair hearing has become a fixture only available to wealthy people. This damages the principles of democracy established by our founding fathers, especially if people can’t exercise their legal rights and the ability to defend themselves and in a court of law, by following due process. If you need legal help, we can put you in contact with a reputable firm like Pittsburgh Injury Lawyers to suit your legal needs.

Can this outcome be challenged? In Metro Legal Support we believe so, but there is still a long way to go. For now, we can only do our best to make sure everyone has the best shot when they have to face the law.

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