A Law Firm willing to Help Those Who lack Financial Resources

There is an ongoing need for something new in the legal world. People working on low wages need legal counsel sometimes, but many of them don’t have that option since their choices every day narrow down to surviving the next day or pursuing the uncertain path of justice.  Metro Legal Support is here to offer their services with a team of capable attorneys able to provide legal services to those who need them the most so they can pursue justice and still earn a living.

Metro Legal Support is not looking to stir the pot of established players in the legal industry, but they have been taking notice of an opening in the legal world that no one seems to mind. People with low income require legal services with certain frequency over small problems or disagreements. This is where they come in. These are the people they can cater to. The firm offers open legal services by serving clients who earn enough income to qualify for pro-bono legal services, but who make too little to afford the services of a traditional law firm.



The services envisioned by a firm like Metro Legal Support can narrow the gap for people or families that don’t have enough money to hire a lawyer. According to the Social Watch, just in the USA, at least 80% of the people who live in poverty have some sort of legal need that goes unmet for lack of money. If you move the needle to upper classes families labeled as a middle class can’t cover their legal expenses almost 50% of the times. In rural locations, the typical fare for a divorce attorney costs between $150 and $200 an hour. While the average criminal defense attorney usually charges a flat fee of $1,000 to handle a misdemeanor, and that doesn’t include bail money.
Metro Legal Support is looking to change the playfield by offering alternatives by scaling down the prices on certain services in accordance with the income generated by the family requiring legal assistance. Justice can be pursued when the range of prices per hour of a lawyer drops significantly, with the average price of an hour costing between $50 and $150 depending on the type of case that our firm handles. Just to put these handlings in perspective for the uninitiated, a family of four earning $45.000 a year would pay $50 per hour. If the same family earns $75,000, they will pay $120 per hour.



Charging on a sliding scale is a way to subsidize law services to people with low incomes by having those who have a little more money pay more. That gives the firm a range of financial maneuverability and the ability to help more people with low income. By no means is Metro Legal Support a charity providing free services. The firm charges for all work it does but their business model allows them to collect much lower rates than any other firm in the market. Their target audience is the people who fall under the federal criteria of a person living in poor conditions. The firm also doesn’t rely on third-party funding or grants to keep going. They just are looking to be positioned as a viable option for people requiring legal counsel.



Maybe the offerings of Metro Legal Support sounds too good to be true after all, many attorneys out there using the same rap: they say that their clients’ matter, just to have them packed in a waiting room and taking a long time to handle their legal problems. When it comes to the attorneys working for Metro Legal Support, their clients will be surprised to find that most of them are eager, passionate, determined, and willing to provide full service without cutting corners. The firm focuses on streamlining practices to fulfill the legal processes. They serve clients who need family counsel and criminal defense services.



Metro Legal Support takes cases involving divorces, child custody and support, the issuing of protective orders, and a large number of services related to family settlements. The firm’s lawyers are perfectly capable of providing help to those accused of misdemeanors and felonies, such as domestic violence, assault, aggravated assault, burglary, possession of drug substances, theft, and drunk driving. They can also help people who need to expunge their criminal records for a clean slate. These services are provided thanks to the social commitment, and the leadership of a board of directors that includes seasoned attorneys, willing to bet in the future and social equity. A firm like Metro Legal Support is able to work thanks to individual benefactors and the assistance of other law firms, as well as concerned parties with aligning interest.



Metro Legal Support is meant to be an alternative among the pool of solutions required to solve the problem of connecting concerned lawyers to an ongoing demand for affordable legal services. The legal system in the USA is still regarded as one of the most expensive in the world. Is not fair that in this day and age people can’t have access to justice for lacking financial resources. Metro Legal Support is building their business model on three pillars: operating as a nonprofit, charging for their services using a sliding scale based on income, and keeping the costs of law services low.
Metro Legal Support hopes that word-of-mouth, as well as limited online exposure, works to create awareness about their services. This is just one venue where legal aid services and public defenders can refer families who earn too much money to be eligible for their services. It’s also a place were established professional attorneys can send people who cannot afford their fees. The primary goal is to have fewer courts with people appearing before them without proper legal representation.

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